Help Your Employees Manage Their Health with EBSO’s HealthiestYou

ebso-healthiestyou-post2In today’s world many people are becoming more and more concerned with, or determined about living a healthier lifestyle. But, for some it can be difficult to know exactly where to start or how to stay motivated.

What if a “wellness coach” was easily accessible via their desktop or mobile app to help plan, measure and review their progress? This might make things a little easier and it just may encourage them to take real control of their own health.

With HealthiestYou, EBSO offers employer clients this exact type of program. When first downloading the app, people complete a comprehensive lifestyle and medical questionnaire. Given information such as current health conditions, goals and measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels, the program is able to generate a plan of action for each user.

The more engaged the enrolled member becomes, the smarter the app gets. When users manage their own plan of action, log activities, update health information and complete tasks, the program stays proactive by monitoring progress, offering real time updates and suggesting new healthy habits. With HealthiestYou, getting healthy and staying healthy becomes easier, morale improves and everyone’s happy!

Besides wellness coaching, HealthiestYou offers plan members a number of consumer-empowering tools including, but not limited to, physician access and medication savings. All of which can help plan members and organizations save time, money and hassle.

To learn more about all that HealthiestYou has to offer, visit our website and watch the brief, free video!