Will Members Ever Get Involved in their Healthcare?

physical-examLike you, we’re always working to encourage members to take more responsibility for their health. While there is plenty to do, reports show that steps being taken by some physicians are having a positive impact.

Visual Aids – With many health conditions involving multiple treatment options, more doctors are using videos and other interactive programs to help patients understand their options and the risks and benefits associated with each.

Electronic Medical Records – More doctors are providing access to electronic medical records, including test results and their notes written after visits. Some health systems are currently sharing notes online with more than 12 million patients. Many report being better prepared for office visits and far more engaged than years ago when most decisions were left to the doctor.

Simple Language – Many are using web-based technology and graphics to share complex medical information such as test results and risks of treatment. These tools have been particularly effective in very serious cases, such as breast cancer.

As the trend to value-based reimbursement continues, we expect more physicians to adopt these strategies. And anything that makes it easier for people to understand the risks and benefits of treatment options will certainly have a positive impact on the future cost of healthcare benefits.