Eye Exams Can Be Very Revealing

healthEveryone knows that a routine vision exam is important, but few may know that an optometrist or ophthalmologist can identify more 30 medical conditions, often before any outward symptoms occur. Heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and certain cancers are just a few of the serious conditions that are often detected early on by an eye care professional.

This is surprising to many, but the fact is that because our eyes are extremely sensitive organs, they are often one of the first areas affected by changes to our nervous or circulatory systems. And because the eyes and brain are so close to each other, an eye exam can often predict dementia and Alzheimer’s disease years before they begin to affect memory. If vision care is not a part of your current benefits plan, consider using your FSA or HSA funds to schedule an eye exam. Doing so just may help save your life or that of a loved one.