Paid Sick Leave Bug Spreading

paid-sickAs if businesses in Illinois don’t have enough concerns, the General Assembly has introduced bills mandating a minimum of five (5) paid sick days per year for Illinois workers. Employees would be able to use the time to care for themselves or a family member, attend a medical appointment for themselves or a family member, miss work due to a public health emergency or because they or a family member has experienced domestic violence abuse. The bills were presented for a second reading earlier this spring, with no resolution to date.


More Move to Self-Funding

The Employee Benefit Research Institute reports that nearly 20% of mid-sized employers made the jump to self-insurance from 2013 to 2015. A major attraction is the availability of data and analytics, enabling the employer to learn how healthcare dollars are being spent. A growing number of employers are using this data to incentivize employees who lower claim costs by choosing more efficient hospitals or free standing imaging centers when tests such as an MRI are needed.


Give Your Employees the Opportunity to Save Money on Prescriptions with EBSO’s HealthiestYou

ebso-healthiestyou-post3Your average plan member may not always be a savvy healthcare consumer. Not only can health insurance be confusing, it can also be a bit of a mystery to some, especially when it comes to the cost of prescriptions. Sometimes it’s not until they are standing in their local pharmacy that what they owe is revealed to them. And, at that point if they don’t know any better, they’ll pay just about anything to help themselves, or their loved ones, feel better quickly.

With HealthiestYou, EBSO offers employer clients the opportunity to offer knowledge and cost savings to their plan members, all with a simple desktop or mobile app. Employees can use the app to compare the cost of medical procedures or services as well as prescription costs at pharmacies located right around them. Sometimes drug costs can differ greatly from store to store, and the app is so smart that it can detect when the user is in a pharmacy and can send them an alert letting them know they might be able to save money elsewhere.

HealthiestYou does this with a comparison shopping engine that compares pricing for more than 5,000 prescription drugs at more than 100,000 pharmacies. And, the app is always active and ready to send the user information and help them save money when possible. So, not only are prescription drug costs no longer a mystery, shopping for them actually becomes easier – and when healthcare is made easier, everyone is happy!

Besides medication savings, HealthiestYou offers plan members a number of consumer-empowering tools including, but not limited to, physician access and wellness coaching. All of which can help plan members and organizations save time, money and hassle.

To learn more about all that HealthiestYou has to offer, visit our website and watch the brief, free video!